Beloved by locals of all stripes while offering visitors an ‘only in Tokyo’ experience, our top 10 nominees for best shops are the ultimate in retail therapy.

Koffee Mameya

Genre: F&B

After the closure of Omotesando Koffee, the re-opening of this space as a completely revamped concept was a highly anticipated opening for coffee lovers this past year. The shop offers some of the best coffee beans in town, bringing in a select range from both domestic and international roasters from across the globe. Buy a few bags to make your own brew at home and don't forget to order one of their hand drips on your way out.


Ambush Workshop

Genre: Clothing and accessories

As the very first flagship shop for the Tokyo-based brand, Ambush Workshop is run by husband-wife duo Yoon Ahn and Verbal — both leading forces in today's street wear community. The shop offers up their edgy jewellery designs as well as fashions designed by Yoon Ahn who was also nominated for the prestigious LVMH Award 2017 this year.


Nakano Broadway

Genre: Miscellaneous

A popular spot for the otaku community, this five-floor complex contains a variety of outlets selling everything from second-hand manga, shelves of CDs and DVDs to collectable action figures. To satisfy your inner geek, head up on to the second and third floors for more compelling merchandise worth exploring.


Tokyo Hotarudo

Genre: Vintage

A unique vintage store unlike any other, Tokyo Hotarudo offers everything from well-curated vintage duds and accessories to stunning jewellery and kimonos. The shop also has a great selection of refurbished antique electronics which are reworked to be completely compatible with tech toys used today.


Mitsukoshi Nihombashi

Genre: Department store

As the oldest surviving department store chain dating back to 1673, this flagship shop has everything you could ever think of under one roof. Whatever you’re looking for, from food to fashion, Mitsukoshi has got you covered. The department store also offers assistance in English and Chinese at their foreign service counter making it a great place for both visitors and locals alike.


Beams Japan

Genre: Miscellaneous, lifestyle

Re-opened last year with a new, exciting concept, this Beams location offers a unique selection of made-in-Japan items plus a range of Japanese fashion designers to satisfy the style-hungry. There’s also a unique exhibition space situated on the top floor where you can catch various Japanese artists showcasing their work.


85 [Hachigo]

Genre: F&B, lifestyle

Part of the growing Nakameguro Koukashita complex situated underneath Nakameguro’s train tracks, this shop specialises in lifestyle goods as well as a dedicated section to making fermented Japanese-style pickles. A fun way to learn the craft of Japanese pickling, the shop will hold your pickles for you using a time-honored preservation technique in their temperature-controlled room.



Genre: Souvenirs

A great place for truly unique souvenirs, Shin-Yoshiwara is run by designer Yayoi Okano who has claimed international attention for her noteworthy designs. The shop captures the spirit of Yoshiwara which is Edo-Tokyo’s legendary red-light district. The store itself is actually located right where the brothel quarter use to stand making it an all-encompassing shopping experience.


Disk Union

Genre: Music

A haven for music junkies, this eight-floor music treasure trove will surely have any music geek drooling over their stock of secondhand CDs and vinyl. Each floor is conveniently divided into a specific category of music where you’ll find the likes of punk and hardcore on the top seventh floor down to Japanese rock and indie music on the basement level.


Tokyobike Rentals Yanaka

Genre: Bicycles, transportation

Tokyobike has made quite the name for themselves with various stores scattered across the globe, however this Yanaka space is a special spot where you can really get to know the brand. Here, you can rent a bike to take out for the day as well as browse through their complete range of colors and designs if you’re planning on purchasing a bike.

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