Meet the judges

Called in from across the global Time Out network, our six judges will be evaluating all nominees in the Restaurant, Bar, Café and Shop categories. Final award decisions will be based on their merciless but always fair assessments.

Gail Tolley


Gail has recently taken up the role of Editor at Time Out London, before that she was Features Editor for three years. She started her career as a film journalist and still can't think of a better way to spend a night than at the cinema. She's also a huge fan of travelling and is always planning trips, with a preference for mountainous destinations and famous food spots.

Jillian Anthony


Jillian Anthony is the editor of Time Out New York and the author of the sex and dating column Let Us Sex-plain. She regularly appears on NBC News. Her work has been published at Conde Nast Traveler, CNNMoney, Manhattan magazine, Los Angeles magazine, GOOD magazine, USAToday and other websites and publications.

María José Gómez


María joined the Time Out Barcelona family nine years ago. She fantasizes about a cool genie inviting her to participate in the best international festivals of music, cinema, comics and gastronomy ever. She also daydreams about inventing teleportation so she can travel non-stop all over the world.

Alyx Gorman

Editorial Director

Based in Sydney, Alyx considers ten hours travel-time to be a short-haul flight. In her spare time she attends lectures for fun, goes to noise gigs to feel calm and writes about frocks. She's sick of talking about hamburgers, will always pick maximalism over minimalism and if you make her an amaretto sour, she'll be your BFF.

Kenneth Tan

Editorial Director

Having joined Time Out Beijing in 2008, Kenneth Tan launched Time Out Shanghai in 2010 and is currently looking to stamp Time Out's footprints all across China. The Singaporean Editorial Director is a wanderluster and has no qualms getting off the beaten track for a unique experience or waiting in line for hours for a gourmet treat. He's excited to return as a judge for Tokyo's 2017 Love Awards and can't wait to take in the best that the city has to offer this year.

Top Koaysomboon


Top Koaysomboon is the editor of Time Out Bangkok. He loves exploring the new lifestyle happenings in Bangkok and around the world as much as hunting for new scented candles and white sneakers. This is his second time as a judge for the Love Tokyo Awards.