The nomination process for Time Out Tokyo's Love Tokyo Awards 2017 is based on global Time Out review guidelines, so you know independence and transparency are assured. Here's how our local experts have picked out the best of the city.


All nominated venues and products were initially featured in one of Time Out Tokyo’s ‘Best of Tokyo’ articles, such as ‘The 100 best Tokyo restaurants’.


Nominations for the Love Tokyo Awards were done by the Time Out Tokyo team.


All nominated venues and products will then be rated by Time Out editors from around the world, and the winners will be revealed at the Awards ceremony.


Does the venue offer an unique experience to its customers from the moment they enter the venue to the moment they leave?
Does the venue add value to its neighbourhood?
Is the venue independently operated and not chain-like?
Do the employees act professionally in customer service situations?
Is the service quality exceptional?
Do the employees have satisfactory knowledge of what they are selling?
Does the venue offer exceptional service to all of its customers, Japanese and non-Japanese?
Does the venue offer excellent value?
Is there a wide range of products available?
Is the venue the only one of its kind or the best business of its kind?
Does the venue give off a vibe that is consistent with what they are selling?


Does the product offer a unique experience?
Is it a good example of Japanese technology and sensibilities?
Was it independently developed and/or produced?
Does it offer good value?
Is it well designed?
Is it attractive for consumers?
Does it make you want it?

Time Out Tokyo Selection

Chosen by the Time Out Tokyo team, the winners of Best Activities and Faces of Tokyo are our ideal representatives of Tokyo in 2017. In their respective fields, our picks for Faces of Tokyo have all contributed to making Tokyo an even better city in 2017.